International Pub and Restaurant in Tanjung Benoa

It has been awhile since we open new pub and restaurant in the Tanjung area called The Tree. The company decided to open another venue which would surely enjoy the same success. Situated on the main road of Tanjung Benoa, The Tree sits under the shade of a big jack fruit tree, and this is where the name came from.

Visit us walk under the tree and into a breezy outdoor area filled with comfortable seating and found the huge bar inside. It felt like you were transported back into an old British pub, complete with the usual warmth of the woods, with red bricks, vintage photographs scattered around the walls, an intimate living room settings in the back area and by all means, reggae music.

OUR Menu :

The list on the menu is massive with European and Asian favorites; [Irish Stew], [Grilled Lamb Shanks], and even special Balinese dishes like [Duck Betutu] that should be ordered a day before.

While waiting you may decided to stroll around and was amused by vintage photographs of England’s old landmarks circa 1950′s and old advert posters of beers, including one with a slogan; Beer, has been helping ugly people have sex since 1862. This must be a beer place indeed!

that opened its doors in November 2009. Already the place attracts many international customers from Germany, Russia, England, Australia and Japanese, as well as expatriates, hotel managers, families, you name it. With a capacity of 150 table seats and 25 chairs on the bar, the place is famous for various events. The Tree also offers live acoustic music every night, Wi-Fi connection, a wide selection of wine, cocktail and even cigars “all price are Nett.
No plus, plus, plus.

If you happen to pass through the nonchalant Tanjung Benoa, don’t forget to stop by The Tree. Good food, loads of beers, fancy cocktails, live music and who knows, you might even made a new friend or two. And don’t forget to ask for the smiley face pin on your way home.

Location :

Jl. Partama Nusa Dua – Bali
Phone : 0361 773488
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Free pick up Nusa Dua area

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